jean-yves escoffier

one of my very favourite cinematographers is jean-yves escoffier who died in 2003 at the age of 53 because his heart just stopped beating.
he worked on some of the most amazing and important films i cherish so deeply and that have left me not only impressed but changed me like probably only loved ones can change you.
some films by agnes varda, ulysse for example, the leos carax films, 2046 by wong kar wei, shoah by claude lanzmann, gus van sant films or gummo by harmony korine.
his sense of light and color and gloominess and experiment and handcraft and intuition and playfulness and proficiency is staggering. i love his work and i wish i could have met him.
i was wondering what a film would have looked like written by someone like abbas kiarostami for example and photographed by jean-yves escoffier. i won´t find out. but that would have been too cool.

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