Nobuhiko Obayashi

Nobuhiko Obayashi
Born 9 January 1938
Onomichi, Hiroshima, Japan
director, screenwriter, editor, producer


random thoughts while preparing a supercollider concert:
-the refusal of uncritical adoration
-to be able to think intellectually, to take things apart analytically, to dissect, to do surgical work, is only thinkable due to a death moral that understands to deal with things as matter (beuys)
-thought as sculpture, thought itself as work, process as work
-embodied thoughts (steiner)
-drawings as ways of thinking
-supercollider will understand you by recreating you (at least certain algorythms), it will interpret your frequency but not the semantics of your sentences, your pitch, but not your intentions, your aesthetics but not your ethics
-the end as endless feedback cycle, the oroborus
-the voice of the machine
-the problematics of supercollider taking control of certain decisions is that it ultimately apolitizes the subject who choses to subject to "machine decisions"
-when you give away control to a machine there is no inferiority complex and you don´t feel submissive because you know you could "just pull the plug" and you are the creator of the code, but actually at certain points you can´t anymore decide for the machine to be on or off, it just runs. questioning gives way to unconsciously affirming.
-the idea of a multitude of authors that don´t know each other. in one way liquidated authorship, in another the synthesis of a "super-author"
-programs will always manifest the collective flaws and prejudices of their authors. programs can also be rascist, fascist etc. (think of the light sensitivity of certain video cameras that will not recognize someone black in dim light because white skin has been defined as the norm in its design)
-opening the curtain and showing the little midget behind the big abstract voice (wizard of oz)
-"the box with the sound of its own making"
-everything is algorhythmic and defined by the boundaries of our minds, the parameters of our conception of chaotic information
-i ging
-does supercollider enhance communication? or rather separation?
-is serious noise serious enough?
-can supercollider break the military syntax of my sentences and poeticize me?
-is it going in circles, or getting me somewhere, or nowhere?
-can it be like a psychotherapy machine?
-is it cool or is it hot?
-is everything equal to it?
-is it a defeatist or a zen buddhist?