a charlatan

h for hoax

The Dreadnought hoaxers in Abyssinian regalia; the bearded figure on the far left is in fact the writer Virginia Woolf.


فرقة ميامي _ صبوحة

max frisch

Time does not change us it just unfolds us.

Even silence becomes whether we want it or not a statement that is in fact astoundingly presumptuous.

A person who does not concern himself with politics has already made the political choice he was so anxious to spare himself: he is serving the ruling party.


armand schulthess

armand hung everything he knew into the trees of the woods surrounding his house. the trees carried information about physics, astronomy and biology, whereas his house contained myriads of self-made books mostly about sexuality and women. all his life he was looking for a woman to live in a room he had prepared in his house with everything he considered necessary to be happy.
the plates he painted and hung out in his forest of knowledge often read "an idea: read a book".

every snippet of information he collected spans the realm of the garden, the house and the book.