behind the moon

there´s a german saying "hinter dem mond leben" i really like, which literally means "living behind the moon", meaning not really participating in the common things people commonly do nowadays. one of those things i completely missed out on are computer games. i am completely immune against their promises. why on earth would i spend my time to live earning virtual money to buy a virtual house and virtual furniture and make virtual kids and to eventually virtually die (which is only possible in sims3, in sims2 you couldn´t die)? i really really don´t get it. if someone just told me about this and it weren´t already all true, i´d say he was a lunatic. "people will spend their time working infront of computers to earn money, to sit in front of their computers where they play working and earning money and sit in front of computers". but when do they spend time living? or is this already a reactionary thought?
i´m even kind of against the concept of work in real life and join guy debord with his "ne travaillez jamais" (never work). which means only to work for pleasure and never for something alien to yourself. i´m also against the architecture of most houses, against the architecture of most families, the architecture of the common gender conception and the common conception of children. so the sims is really like my own personal nightmare. -kind of interesting though, that in the meantime it has become a major economic resource for many asien countries to earn virtual money online for rich sims players from the so-called first world, who in turn pay their asien workers real money for their virtual services.
i guess i´m sort of romantic, i don´t know, but i´d really rather sit in a room and watch a white wall for all the time people watch their virtual doubles. a plain wall can be so inspiring and animating and alive and calming and arousing and stimulating and changing and unchanging and everything and nothing. i´d really like to promote the idea of distributing nice, concrete walls into people´s houses for them to look at. but i kind of don´t think this idea will be a success. although you never know.