amit dutta

"A little child dreams... or rather hallucinates the history of his village and childhood. In his poetic narration the child builds a string of legends and myths. Kramasha is a treat to both the ears and the eyes. In his most magnificient attempt Amit Dutta manages to make the viewer taste and smell everything in the film. On a personal note, I am in love with the film" (iitbidcfilmclub.blogspot.com)
Kramasha from India—a dazzling, virtuoso piece of mise en scene in 35-millimeter, full of uncanny imagery about the way the narrator imagines the past of his village and his family. Camera movements, compositions in depth, colors, editing, changes in focus: these are important parts of Dutta's technical arsenal, marshaled together to yield a highly suggestive synthesis of documentary and fiction in which the main preoccupation is a myth of origins.”
Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader.

loie fuller

Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore (Mark Leckey) from Anon. on Vimeo.



lovely random things i remember from a lovely sound and music teacher i once had named mr. moore:
where do you start from: the middle or the edge of nowhere?
to hear and receive the ear has to send out particles and give.
a membrane as open and sharing cells of interaction.
his love for open software like linux, but total inability to figure it out.
is a river still the same after a drop dripped in?
trying to explain the turing machine. or granular synthesis.
his love for the name "trieste" and the melancholy way he imagined the city to be.
the magic of tape and loops.
his soft and humble and always a little lost voice.
i always felt too good coming out of his classes. as if some blueish, soft light had shone on all things and left a memory of something wonderful.


folk tales from mississippi

prison songs

janis and tom

the proof that anything goes together when you want to funk it together.


the love and the lakes

love is always connected to some shady water. that´s a truth.


dead phantasy lovers

words i like




"Satan (Hebrew: הַשָׂטָן ha-Satan ("the accuser"); Persian "sheytân"; Arabic: الشيطان ash-Shayṭān ("the adversary") - both from the Semitic root: Ś-Ṭ-N) is an embodiment of antagonism that originates from the Abrahamic religions, being traditionally considered an angel in Judeo-Christian belief, and a Jinn in Islamic belief. Originally, the term was used as a title for various entities that challenged the religious faith of humans in the Hebrew Bible." (from wikipedia)
i really wonder why someone is considered "evil", who simply refuses, says no, who questions, who is the most beautiful, eloquent and witty of all angels, a "light-bringer", but who will not bow and obey and instead follows his own passions and rules in his own right.
i like lucifer much more than any other angel and i like the hermits, anchorites and eremites who live by themselves in their own places and do what they want to do and don´t give a dang about what the dominating, hegemonial gods or juggernauts or idols or politicians tell you to do. i emphatically praise and like niceness and kindness and friendliness and generosity. but i´ve actually never ever read that lucifer was ungenerous or not nice, the only thing that is written is that he refused to bow before god and obey his will to worship man. but lucifer was made of fire and man was made of clay. so why should fire worship clay? doesn´t make much sense to me. fire makes clay stable and makes it last. clay needs fire.
lucifer, i like you, the fallen angel, the morning star. i like the night. i like the antagonist, the questioner, the doubter, the refuser, the holdout. i like the snakes and the apples and seduction and deviancy and trespassing and leaving the boundaries of the garden to go into the woods or the ghettos. why live in monaco when you can live in some place like kokkola? why stay with adam when you can have fun with a talking snake?

tiny tim

"Herbert Khaury (April 12, 1932 – November 30, 1996), better known by the stage name Tiny Tim, was an American singer, ukulele player, and musical archivist. He was most famous for his rendition of "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" sung in a distinctive high falsetto/vibrato voice (though other performances reveal a broader vocal range). He was generally regarded as a novelty act, though his records indicate his wide knowledge of American songs. He had no official middle name, though some web sites report it to be "Butros", his father's first name, while during his televised wedding his middle name was given as "Buckingham". His headstone reads "Khaury/Herbert B/Tiny Tim/1932-1996".
Tiny Tim was born In New York and grew up in an old apartment building in Washington Heights in Manhattan. He was the son of a Lebanese father (Butros Khaury) and a Polish Jewish mother (Tillie Staff). When he was five years old his father brought home a wind up gramophone and a 78 rpm record that featured a 1905 recording of Henry Burr singing "Beautiful Ohio". Young Herbert immersed himself in the music of the past, listening for hours in his room to Rudy Vallee, Al Jolson, Henry Burr, Irving Kaufman, Billy Murray, Ada Jones, Byron G. Harlan, and Bing Crosby. Khaury began singing and playing the ukulele in his natural voice, but it was not until 1952 that anyone paid him any attention. In a 1968 interview on the Tonight Show, Khaury described the discovery of his high voice: "I was listening to the radio and singing along as I was singing I said 'Gee, it's strange. I can go up high as well.'" He then entered a local talent show and sang "You Are My Sunshine" in his newly discovered voice, and it brought the house down. From there Khaury began to experiment with different stage names like Darry Dover, Vernon Castle, Larry Love, and Judas K. Foxglove. He finally settled on Tiny Tim in 1962 when his manager at the time, George King, booked him at a club that favored midget acts."(from wikipedia)



why does it so often need a car crash in western societies to realize the holiness of life before death, the splendor of a great goat cheese, the magnificence of spending the money and not saving anything, of making fools out of yourselves, going out and finding mates, of not giving a dang, of doing it for fun and doing it anyways no matter what, of living freely, of giving yourself away to a thrilling book or lover or tree or wind, of enjoying the touch of a loved one and the sensation of a new day till the pit of the core?
i don´t know either.