yesterday my mother couldn´t stop staring at the sky and wondering about the clouds. we were walking around and her eyes were almost magnetically drawn to the sky, so we had to stop from time to time to take another look. all i saw was puffiness all over, some white and blue. my mom kept on saying "cumulus", that´s a cumulus. and that´s a nimbo-stratus, oh oh, and over there! a cirro-cumulus!
and i was like: cumuwhat? coitus?
when i´m with my grandfather driving in the car, he will be like: over there! did you see that one? that was a fine young rabbit! and there! all those dears! did you see them?
and we´re driving about 180 km per hour, and all i see are colors being swept away by time, or place, what ever way you look at it. i never see the rabbit.
one thing i can kind of detect though, because my eyes are accustomed to it, is the dynamics of a face. i don´t know how come, but i read faces, like my mom reads clouds and my grandfather reads landscapes.
it´s so abvious how blind we all are. but kind of nice to be drawn to your blindness by others seeing something where you thought was nothing. a rabbit. or a cumulus.

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