being at home as exiling

My being-in-the-world or my ‘place in the sun’,
my being at home, have these not also been the
usurpation of spaces belonging to the other man
whom I have already oppressed or starved, or
driven out into a third world; are they not acts of
repulsing, excluding, exiling, stripping, killing?
(Levinas, “Ethics as First Philosophy,” 1989:82)


the aesthetical universe of rudolf steiner

blackboard drawings, crystal collections, wood work, pottery, women in dresses, harp playing during recreation, rice crackers, eurythmy, curves everywhere, water colors, the nordic myths, farms, observing the morphogenesis of frogs, dressed up as angels on stages acting the stories of saints, book fairs, dangling plants, soft pastel colored walls, carved wood frames, hand knitted scarfs, listening to animals, chamber music clubs.. the strange memories of going to steiner school as a kid.


thoughts of a world travelling clown

read his adventures here
i especially like his stories and pictures about papua neuguina 

i don't know why clowns always make me sad, but i really like reading the word clown and world in one sentence. a world travelling clown. a hobo, dreamer, hunter gatherer, vagabond