by this river

one of my very favourite songs ever. it´s one of these songs that grows with you. the first time you hear it, it opens up to you like a magical new room inside your house that seems to shine light on all the other rooms, then it fades away or becomes belonging, so normal, and you forget about it, and one day you discover that room again, that has become an attic by time, transcending memories from then into a new moment of bliss and devotion, when the first new rays of dusty light shine in it into you again. it´s still the same, but you are different, and still the same at the same time. so again another, yet a new room unveils, that includes the one before, but bears more space, which is nothing but time. to remember and yet ahead, longing.

"by this river" is one of the songs that has been with me ever since i was a kid.
today i live by a very nice and very long river, i´ve been going there a lot lately. it never bores me. there´s also a bridge. really fast freight trains cross it, slicing the atmosphere with their clashing, thundering sound. the bridge then resonates and shakes and vibrates, as if the train was breathing, no whooping life into it. a strange love couple they are, the trains and the bridge. the river is always silent, following it´s river business. but nothing is really silent.

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