sentences read in a book

the work is completed when the anxiety has disappeared. that is the proof of its success.

i have a tendency not to be too interested in people who are interested in me. i am interested in people who do not know that i exist.

what is the common denominator? they are all ridiculous don juan macho father figures (don juan macho father figures have miserable endings. wisdom is with me). they have all motivated my work. i had a bone of contention with each of them and i am out to call their bluff and still am.

he disappeared into complete silence.

le d├ęsir de plaire

to do things you are afraid of

the style makes the man. the way you do something is more important than what you do. the way you do something signals you as an entity.

i want to: eat, sleep, argue, hurt, destroy.
-why do you?
-my reasons belong exclusively to me.

as for mathematics, i gave it up for art when i realized there were no certainties in mathematics: you´re told that two paralles never meet, and then you learn that in a non-euclidean geometry they can easily come together. i was disappointed and deeply disturbed, and i turned toward the certainties of feeling rather than those we are tought. if you accept inner certainties you become responsible for your own fate, you no longer depend on directives from the outside.

favourite word today: CRUCIAL
crucial crucial crucial crucial crucial
like a paper wave hitting againt shells of porcelaine.
or a sea on fire dripping down the duct of an elevator.