the gleaners and i

a wonderful film by agnes varda, i´ve seen some years ago.
she goes out to visit all kind of collectors throughout france, she in turn "collects" for her film, as manifold elements to a beautiful and complex and humble and human and intriguing film mosaic.
she philosophises on collecting, observes what objects are collected and what, when collected, they transform into, she listens, she thinks aloud while driving in the car to the different places, she talks about death, about her aging hands and shows them to the camera, she plays, she talks about the cats she loves, she often uses the camera herself, films herself, films herself filming even, she shows the broken walls of her house that to her are works of art, she talks about law, about the government, about films and filming, about society, she steps into the picture, she steps aside, she allows people to speek and truly truly respects. the love in her she has for things and people and doing and living is so strongly transferred when you watch her film. like a broadcasted love. but never manipulated, never calculated, not expecting or wanting to show something off, like humanitarian ideals or christian goodness, -not at all. she is enjoying what she is doing, she is living off her ideas and celebrating them. her film and she herself are modest und unpretentious, so absolutely unvain, that their unadulturatedness, unaffectedness and truthfulness are revolutionary, shocking in the best way.
very good work doesn´t allow vanity.
i love this film truly.

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