40 years on the moon

i walked down a street today and saw two old men standing in a corner between a bakery and a grocery store who had just been shopping and rested for a minute. they were talking to each other and the one man said:
-what is that supposed to be anyway "40 years on the moon"?
they haven´t been up there 40 years

the other one:
-it sure cost a whole lot of money that nonsense.

the first one:
-they did it for television.
sell more american dreams.

i again and again remark that people, certainly those who are regarded to be the "simple" people, living "simple" lives in "simple" places, are not even slightly "ignorant" or without their own idiosyncratic reflections and personal eloquence, -the way they are always presented like on television by the true mediocre and arrogant media people who don´t know how to listen and stop their stupid, biased, normalizing, prejudiced and pretentious comments and opinions on everything and everybody.
the smartest thing i heard today was those two old grandpas chatter about the ridiculousness of celebrating 40 years on the moon.

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