mara mattuschka

"Mara Mattuschka makes films, plays, sings, paints. Bulgarians, she says, have a tendency to do everything. Mara Mattuschka comes from Bulgaria. She studied painting and animation with Maria Lassnig. She boasts a wide variety of artistic styles. Her work lives to the fullest, her characters are usually naked and psychologically open-hearted. Truth has many sides. She refers to herself as a post-post modernist – she likes to play, but also somehow addresses truth.
In the twenty first century, the need to experiment and break rules is over. There is a new renaissance, a return to humanity, for whom a discussion about gender roles has actually already begun. This new renaissance could be wonderful, as she hates the word “creativity”. Her work is extremely versatile, and she is so full of energy. She takes breaks between works in cafĂ© houses—a truly Viennese tradition during which she takes a breather from the (Kasachok) dance of life. (wh/jn)" (quoted from castyourart.com)

i think mara mattuschka is one of the coolest, most daring and interesting contemporary filmmakers. her film she did together with chris haring, "burning palace", was the only film in the entire film program at the film festival in oberhausen this year that really really blew me away.
she effectively achieves to "make it new", to be "absolument moderne" (rimbaud). her use of the body, of the face, of space, of play, of staging is incomparable.
the two films above are old films from her twenties. but still genius.
ode to mara mattuschka.

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