Philippe Grandrieux

"The cinema turns into a psychological 'dark room' when one of Philippe Grandrieux's films takes shape on the screen. Inspired by thinkers such as Artaud, Deleuze and Spinoza, and directors such as David Lynch, he has created an audiovisual style that sneaks past the realm of language and directly confronts the spectator with the bare and exposed 'existence' of the body and material reality. Grandrieux himself operates the camera in his films, whose trembling and often extremely dark images derive their kinetic energy from the tension between abstraction and narration - and from the precipice between the imaginary and the symbolic. The French director's exclusive work thus moves among traditionally separated genres: pictorial art, video art, the French avant-garde, horror films and documentaries, all of which he weaves together to a hyper-sensuous and nightmarish synthesis. Grandrieux (born 1954) trained at the Belgian film school INSAS in Brussels and gained experience with essayistic documentaries and TV experiments, while exploring the potential of the film medium to reproduce the physical world in a condensed form. After having worked with video for many years, he made his debut in 1998 with the first of three features to date, but he simultaneously stuck to working with video art and installations, which have only been presented on a few rare occasions so far. Grandrieux's works are designed as a result of deliberations about the cinema as a psychological laboratory, and they have to be experienced in the darkness with which they melt together."
quoted from: http://www.cphdox.dk/

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