devouring and unifying

"…the idea of discovery, of revelation, includes an idea of appropriative enjoyment.
What is seen is possessed; to see is to deflower…
More than this, knowledge is a hunt Bacon called it the hunt of Pan. The scientist is the hunter who surprises a white nudity and who violates by looking at it. Thus the totality of these images reveals something which we shall call the Acteon complex…
A person hunts for the sake of eating.
Curiosity in an animal is either sexual or alimentary.
To know is to devour with the eyes." (Sartre, L'Etre et le Néant p. 578)

"With the growing social acknowledgment of genitalia, the repression of special drives and their representatives increases in genital relations. What remains is cultivated as socialized voyeurism or anticipation. It exchanges the unification with one person for the observation of all, and thus it expresses sexuality's tendency to socialization, in itself an aspect of its deadly integration." (Adorno, pp. 105-105)

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