the jezebel spirit

while researching narcissistic disorders one night, concerned about being too narcissistic and not altruistic enough, i stumbled upon the name "jezebel" several times in the google hits, which i had previously only known as a song from brian eno and a jewish name i like the sound of. i knew a bit about the historical, mythical, powerful princess jezebel, daughter of ethbaal, but i didn´t know there seems to be a pathological term called "the jezebel spirit" which you will mainly find on christian fundamentalist websites.
there, jezebel is associated with a pathologically narcissistic demon that can take over people, especially women (of course), to torment, exploit and destroy the people around them through their deceiving, manipulative and power loving evil nature. these sites say the only way to heal jezebel spirits is to make them worship god, through repent and humility. i have to say i find it really interesting that like with lilith, all strong, independent and rebellious females with a mind of their own who refuse to worship, obey and repent are always demonized in the legends, myths, the bible, in history. as soon as a woman is witty and opposing she is pretty quickly turned into a witch, a demon or a devil. while researching further i found a good essay on jezebel here, which shows how the term was used by colonialists and racists to stigmatize black, sexually attractive women.
people who use the term "jezebel spirit" to demonzie women, are bluntly speaking power-loving, dominant, manipulative males who are rather "evil" themselves. -although i have issues with the term evil, which to me isn´t some demonic, essentialist entity, but usually just ignorance, cowardice and fundamental confusion or in the worst case serious delusion.
i also find it strange that specifically those are accused of being power yearning, who actually have no power at all, or much less power than the accusers (the women, blacks, slaves etc.). and then i ask myself, why is the concern so great about sharing the power with the so-called jezebels or handing it over?
what is there really to lose?
the jezebel spirit is nothing but the projected fear of losing power and potency, it is nothing but the fear of having a too small phallus.
i really wish that instead of demonizing those that are great and interesting and strange, "dangerous" and different, one would realize the motivating petty fear, -the fear of not being better and greater than the others, of not being in control of everything, of being thrown into a dark universe. it is just too stupid and what the world needs much more than stigmatizing terms is brave and celibratory opposers. people who are unafraid to speak their minds freely, who refuse to obey to everything that is considered normal, who do it instead of just talk about it and who don´t give up, even when everything is really bringing you down. people who look for something better than death while they are still alive.