random bits of so-called dialog

a: i coughed on your breast
b: it doesn´t matter. my breast is silent.
like god.
a: god is silent?
b: well...
hello god?
a: oh.
b: is this supposed to be romantic?
a: i guess. yeah.
b: are you going to recite a poem now?
a: yeah.
b: should we make love after?
a: i guess so.
b: yeah.
b: one day i´ll show you the house where i was born.
a: until then, can i make love to a model of the house?
b: to please yourself?
a: well. not exactly. but yeah.
b: okay.
a: do you like burnt cookies?
b: no. i´ve heard the burnt stuff causes cancer.
a: so i´m gonna get cancer?
b: well i use cancer causing nail polish. so now at least we can get cancer together.
a: yeah.
b: i really don´t understand this thing about truth and manipulation. i think i need to get a big philosophical book about the problem.
a: i don´t think a book is going to help.
b: yeah. everytime you find out more about the philosophy of the problem it makes it more and more problematic.
like i learned nothing in school.
a: that´s nice.
b: are you breaking? (while cycling down a hill)
a: yeah. my breaks are kind of broken.
b: express yourself. don´t repress yourself.
a: should we go and meet my friend c?
she always lets me eat freely.
b: i like to live freely.

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