he said to her: "now that you know all these things about me, it´s only a matter of time until you´ll be bored by me."
she wasn´t estranged by anything as much as by lovers who tried to entertain her, show her something "special", go to specific places like going on "vacation" together or doing athletic movements in some kind of synchrony, go to what is considered an "event", see spectacles, go to some water and say "romantic" words to each other.
the only thing she looked for in a lover was to be bored and to exist side by side without having to perform the choreography of love like trained apes in a zoo.
like the old people who stand by windows all day long, supposedly watching "nothing" happen, she liked watching "nothing" happen.
once a man she loved came to visit her from far away and all they did was walk down streets. ugly streets. short streets. long streets. streets with nothing to see. when he left, he said: "i saw nothing in your town. it was great."
there´s nothing worse than "adventurers".
i hate travelling and explorers (levi-strauss).
she just liked spending time.