erwin blumenfeld

erwin blumenfeld, jewish-german photographer and writer born in a january in 1897 in berlin, died in a july in 1969 in rome
-his pictures look so modern as modern can be, but are all from the 40s, imagine that!
wikipedia rather laconically and aridly says about blumendfeld:
"In the 1930s, he published collages mocking Adolf Hitler. In 1936, he emigrated to Paris. With the German occupation, he was interned in a concentration camp in 1940 because he was Jewish. In 1941, he could escape to the USA. In the 1940s and 1950s he became famous for his fashion photography, working for Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, and also for artistic nude photography. In the 1960s, he worked on his autobiography which found no publisher because it was considered to be too ironic towards society, and was published only after his death."

blumenfeld wrote literature, was engaged in collage, sketching, painting, photography, antifascism, anarchy, atheism and he was very little, -or rather short. he said he never ever wanted to be a "poet, never an artist, never a hero, just always and always a human".

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