the uncanny

..."It was a moment of the uncanny which is the return of the
repressed, the return of that which is familiar but you have
forgotten and than it comes back to haunt you, like the
return of ghosts, the return of the dead. In the case of
9/11 people began to ask me: What happened here? What is
the explanation? Where did this come from? And of course,
in the minute it was attributed to a group called Al Qaida, an
Islamic terrorist group and highly fundamentalist, religious
fanatics, people began to ask: Where did they come from?
And the answer is: They were begotten by the US in
Afghanistan during the occupation of Afghanistan by the
Soviet Union. They were a relic of the so called Cold War.
So the appropriate and deepest literary framework for this is
the uncanny."
W.J.T. Mitchell

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