to think

"The Utopian impulse in thinking is all the stronger, the less it objectifies itself as
Utopia—a further form of regression—whereby it sabotages its own realization.
Open thinking points beyond itself … Beyond all specialized and particular
content, thinking is actually and above all the force of resistance, alienated from
resistance only with great effort … The happiness visible to the eye of a thinker
is the happiness of mankind. The universal tendency toward suppression goes
against thought as such. Such thought is happiness, even where unhappiness
prevails; thought achieves happiness in the expression of unhappiness. Whoever
refuses to permit this thought to be taken from him has not resigned."

Theodor Adorno, “Resignation,” trans. Wes Blomster, in The Culture Industry:
Selected Essays on Mass Culture, ed. J. M. Bernstein (London: Routledge, 1991), 171.

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