elementary yiddish

Arein! - Come in!
Balobotishe - Respectable, well mannered
Batampte - Tasty, delicious

Boychik - Young boy (term of endearment)
Challa - Ceremonial egg bread
Chavver - Friend
Deigeh nisht! - Don’t worry

Der mensch trakht un Gott lahkht - Man plans and God laughs
Es gefelt mir - I like it

Ess gesunt! - Eat in good health!

Ess, bench, sei a mensch! - Eat, pray, don’t act like a jerk
Fardinen a mitzvah - Earn a blessing by doing

Farpitzed - Dressed up to the nines

For gesunterhait! - Travel in good health

Frailech - Happy
Geshmak - Tasty, delicious
Gesunte tzores - Troubles one should not take too seriously

G’nossen tsum emess! -  The sneeze confirmed the truth!

Git Yontif - Happy Holiday
Haimish ponem - A friendly face

Hak mir nicht in 
tchainik arain! -  Don’t get on my nerves!
Kosher - Jewish dietary laws based on “cleanliness”, also referring to the legitimacy of a situation
K’velen - Glow with pride and happiness, beam, be delighted
Lang leben zolt ir! - Long may you live!

Leben ahf dein kop -  Words of praise like, Well said! Well done! 
(Literal translation: A long life upon your head)
Maven - Expert, connoisseur, authority

Mazel -  Luck

Mazel Tov - Good luck

Me ken lecken di finger - It’s delicious

Mekheye - An extreme pleasure, orgasmic, out of this world
Naches - Joy, gratification, especially from children

Neshomeleh - Sweetheart, sweet soul

Nisht geferlech - Not so bad, not to shabby
Olreitnik -  Nouveau riche
Richtiker chaifetz - The real McCoy!
Saichel - Common sense, good sense
Shlemiel - A clumsy person (The one who spills the soup)
Schlemazel - Someone with bad luck (The schlemazel is the one that gets spilled on)

Shain vi dizibben velte - Beautiful as the seven worlds
Tu mir a toive - Do me a favor

Tu mir nit kain toives - Don’t do me any favors

Tsu fil anives is a halber shtoltz - Too much
Vi gaits? - How goes it? How are things?

Vos vet zein, vet zein! - What will be, will be!
Wen ich ess, ch’ob ich alles in dread. - When I am eating, everybody can go to hell! (Literal translation: When I am eating, I have everything in the ground.)
Yashir koyech - May your strength continue

Zaftig - Pleasantly plump and pretty

Zaier gut - Very good

Zei mir frailich! - Be happy!

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