the boy who liked deer

a film by a filmmaker to love: barbara loden
she also directed WANDA, a fiction film with herself in the main role, about a woman in a nowhere, amongst characters rather strange and lost, but then again strange and lost herself, a stranger, a drifter, a lost night in between dog days of normal insanity. she has some lovely fake daisies in her hair in this film in the back seat of the car. that i remember somehow. and i love the way she doesn´t know what she wants, she doesn´t know whatever the right thing to do is, she doesn´t have any prejudices and opinions on the way people are supposed to treat you or not to treat you, how to act appropriate, "according", just the way it´s supposedly supposed to be, the way she tries to and fails sometimes, the way she wears the right and fancy looks, but can´t talk the talks, can´t think the thinkings, just drifts from one place to the next and tries to be good, in a way, somehow. the way she combs her hair.
seeing this little tender film about the boy and the deer she made makes me love her even more endlessly. the daisy girl. who made only one long film. who died of cancer. who was married to elia kazan. who was just a lovely fine character.

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