amit dutta

"A little child dreams... or rather hallucinates the history of his village and childhood. In his poetic narration the child builds a string of legends and myths. Kramasha is a treat to both the ears and the eyes. In his most magnificient attempt Amit Dutta manages to make the viewer taste and smell everything in the film. On a personal note, I am in love with the film" (iitbidcfilmclub.blogspot.com)
Kramasha from India—a dazzling, virtuoso piece of mise en scene in 35-millimeter, full of uncanny imagery about the way the narrator imagines the past of his village and his family. Camera movements, compositions in depth, colors, editing, changes in focus: these are important parts of Dutta's technical arsenal, marshaled together to yield a highly suggestive synthesis of documentary and fiction in which the main preoccupation is a myth of origins.”
Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader.

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