conspiracy theories

i have always been euphorically fascinated by conspiracy theories and paranoid sense-making of coincidence (what we do with every word we think or speak). we are animals gone mad in language, this strange virus from outer space (burroughs).
naturally we are all believers. children believe in santa claus (the absurd stories adults tell them) and adults are as superstitious to believe in presidents, the big bang, tax assessments, biology and the yak-yakking of newspapers.
i love superstition. i always tell myself, when i can´t make a decision: if the water drop that comes out of the faucet right now is rather warm, it means YES, if it´s cold, it means NO, and the likes.
suzanne treister is an excellent artist of the occult and conspiracy.
i met her once in cologne when she talked about her work, and she for sure is one hell of a worker with a gigantic arsenal of amazing work. the pictures above are transcriptions and rearrangements of newspaper titles into occult iconographies.
oh, -the occult! i think i kind of love the occult and it´s insanely picturesque imagery too.
and i for sure love suzanne treister.

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