run dmc

there are several things i really like about this interview:
1. it´s on a car
2. the sense of integrity, open-heartedness and honesty
3. the way run dmc talk about mixing everything no matter how contradictory or far apart the different music styles appear to be (in a way they´re performing ted nelson´s "everything is deeply intertwingeled" in rap. and i´ve always said hybrids or bastards are the best dogs.)
4. "what ever we feel we wanna make, we just go ahead and make it"
5. "so there´s not really much emphasis of political matters in it?" "oh no. no. we try to make you laugh."
6. "the king of rock rocking without a band" (how cool is that? and pretty postmodern, defining the thing through it´s absence. doing rock but without a band, so it´s more rock than any rock band could ever be, because it´s the pure essence, the idea, of rock and not just the phenomenology of rock. kind of plato´s theory of ideas.)
you got to love run dmc.

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