pierre perrault

my fingers are shaking while i´m writing this and excitement is rushing through my heart like the christmas crowds in macy´s.
pierre perrault (1927-1999), another reason to love québec even more (there are so many prodigious filmmakers coming from québec, it won´t stop astounding me), is considered by many a "poetic documentarist", a cinéma vérité director or an ethnofiction filmmaker. i´ve only seen his film "pour la suite du monde" so far and was so affected and impressed by its beauty and humanity and the fantastic idiosyncratic speach of its protagonists, the sublime photography and narration. i loved this film from the very first minute on. the old faces, the communities, their communication, their thoughts and bodily expressions, silence and talking, the landscapes, the myths, the rhythm of their lives and their environment. it´s an extraordinary, simple, delicate, strong, humble and tender film with a timeless grace.
perrault worked in poetry, prose, essay, cinema, theatre and radio.
what a discovery! knowing about perrault feels like finding out those grey, radiant rocks in central park are from the dinosaur age. raising.

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