the lost and found

i don´t know why we always need progress.
at least not all the time.
flusser said about marx and all marxists that they were all reactionists. not because they were against capitalism, but because they believed in progress at all.
today it was impossible to get those little vacuum cleaning bags for my vacuum cleaner because of progress.
the nice old bald man at the drug store in berlin told me, when i couldn´t find the right bag size because they aren´t being produced any longer, "i have an old cleaner too. i just cut and paste the bags you know".
now isn´t that progressive?
so i just cut and pasted the wrong bags too. it doesn´t really work, but there´s this peculiar charme to brokenness that i like, so i kept it.
a philosophy of brokenness.
a philosophy of glueing.
against the stubburnness of the new and fetishized electronic products that are not better than the ones they replace.
against the new.
for the found.
for the lost and found.
for all the lost and found things in this world.

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