ok computer

there are a few words i really don´t like when someone says them to me.
one is "ok" the other is "i don´t know" (when you expect a decision).
it drives me nutty and i´m always funky when someone will neither say yes or no to what is happening and being done but will delay and cede the decision to another time and another person, just waiting. it was hillel the elder, the old wise jew from babylon who spoke the word:
if i am not for myself, who will be?
and when i am for myself, what am 'i'?
and if not now, when?
i always make the mistake of forming a too strong opinion i´ll often have to change again the next day. but at least then you can discuss and something can happen. where there is no dissent, there is no development. oh no. there has to be at least a minimum of friction. i shouldn´t be afraid of formulating and expressing an opinion, and then i shouldn´t be afraid to admit i was wrong, if i was wrong.
let´s never wait any longer! let´s do it.
i wish i weren´t as lazy a bum as i often am.
my friend who expected an answer from me just a couple of minutes ago caught me when i answered: ok
he said: ok is a word for computers.
right he is.
and what also displeases me, by the way, is:
i like the words. there is enough time to write
oh my god
what the fuck
makes me smile
hugs and kisses

my favourite words today:
ludicrous, luxurious, infantile, filigree, frozen, fumble, fart, moustache, bunch, chunk, dick, olive oil, curcuma, cucumber, botswana, girl.

an ode to the words. the strange and stranger strangeness of the words.
an ode to decision. to saying yes or no to this computer. do i want you on, or do i want you off?
he knows this language.

and in the end again hillel: trust not thyself till the day of thy death.

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