i have been obsessed with faces since i can think. one of my favourite cassavetes´films is also named "faces" and i love the chapter on faces by deleuze in "1000 plateaus". too good. 
-but what i didn´t know until the internet showed me was that there is a real "desease" called pareidolia describing a phenomenon when some people start to see faces everywhere. it´s closely connected to paranoia and schizophrenia, -both of which i must admit i am very attracted by as well. -anyways, pareidolia is also something very "normal" considering our manners of cognition and epistemology: the moulding of forms and order out of chaos, projecting meanings and sense on to the senseless and coincidental, animating the world and establishing coherences, recognizing and associating and so forth, telling stories and connecting the disconnected, trying to make sense of one´s life and surrounding world. 
-nonetheless, i was stunned, no stupified, by the magic and richness of imagination and the splendid forms and structures that nature does create. i love the people who can discover the faces and consider pareidolia one of the best obsessions. here´s a link to a group on flickr who collect the pictures: www.flickr.com/groups/facesinplaces

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