beyond good and evil

while editing my current film project, i again and again find myself asking why i am doing this, why i´m taking this way instead of that, what this or that is meant to show, or censuring the inexplicable by trying to explain. so here i will tell myself: NO. there is no reason to beauty, no causality to the contingency of life, one should not instrumentalize the multifariousness of incidents and thereby banalize and mortify the mysterious plurality of the moment. there is nothing to explain. i should follow the direction of my desire and looking backwards at the paths i chose to take, the story and sense will come all along by themselves. there is no need to force anything. things happen just like that. i watched bruce baillie´s Castro Street today. a beautiful piece. and apichatpong weerasethakul´s Phantom of Nabua. i was very impressed. and they helped me to resist the awful didactic patriarch inside me and let myself go to the delirium and strangeness of the world beyond good and evil.

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