protest or resistance

yesterday after i watched a documentary with my friend about the resistance group "mir" under the pinochet dictatorship in chile, we talked long about the idea of resistance, of groups, of the politics of politics and how to do something good without being the complacent benefactor or the ideologically blinded missionary, but a simple human among humans. one thing we got clear about pretty quickly, was that being against whatever is never going to lead out of the whatever, since it remains in the realm of the same politics, the same rhetorics, the same thinking. it's a dialectical pirouette, like the films that claim to be against violence, that in turn show so much violence, that they themselves are more about violence than anything else. probably, -i'm formulating this as a question-, protest is more effective than resistance. not belonging to at all, not participating in the system, not using the language, not accepting and responding to the calculations and paradigms at all. like bartleby. or the idea of the film production and it´s precise politics itself as already being the film and the political statement, instead of making a film according to the rules and ideology of the industry and then claiming a certain alleged political message, which i find rather shady.
how do you do it? 
just do it? don´t do anything at all? do it for yourself? do it for another?