dwelling with my friend under a cloudy, grey yet stunning sky over a milky coffee in a scruffy backyard, we talk about how we want to spend time.
to have nothing to prove. no mission. not one ideology, but many different and contradicting ones. nothing to reach or establish. nowhere defined to go.
to manage to be an uncorrupted human and live as freely as you can. to experience and dare to do what you want to do. to not be bothered by who and what you don't like anyway. to not calculate. to not make plans. to waste yourself to things for nothing but the sake or pleasure of it. to not think in terms of productivity, supposed necessisty or all too fixed notions. to leave things open. to be a noble character, a decent fellow. to give it away to the universe. to care for life. to play seriously. to go far, as far as the eye can see. to be unafraid. that would be kind of nice.

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